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Welcome to the Toronto DJ Academy. 


An organized, courseware and certification program with a hands-on approach towards learning how to DJ. Each course has an 8-week organized module program guaranteed for student success. Our expert teaching staff ensure students come out of their courses as professional DJ’s with the DJ skills, as well as the marketing skills it takes to make it as a professional DJ. We guarantee you will come out of the 8 week course as a professional DJ. To ensure this, we provide each student the opportunity to their very first professional DJ gig. All students who complete the certification course will also have an opportunity to display their DJ skills to a live public audience at our annual DJ show. The Toronto DJ Academy is not just a course, it’s a community where expert and experienced DJ’s can help one another prosper as professional DJ’s.

Image by Jorik Kleen


The Toronto DJ Academy guarantees you will come out of our 8-week comprehensive course with the skill-set required to become a DJ. Our instructors provide a hands-on approach to teaching, along with a small class size to give you the attention you need. The Toronto DJ Academy is proud to have partnerships with many affiliates in the Greater Toronto Area who we collaborate with to ensure students get practical experience DJing. The Toronto DJ Academy guarantees opportunities to DJ at live events and spaces in the city! We have carefully created a model for success for our DJ’s to succeed and gain the skills and experience they need to become the best.

About The Founder

Award-winning DJ Fizza has had a highly successful Professional DJ career, and has become a DJ staple at many of the most elite events in Toronto (Official NBA All-Star opening gala, Fashion Week, Miami Swim Fashion Week, TIFF, Microsoft events, Toronto Life Events, PRIDE, Toronto Blue Jays, Fortune Magazine, Anokhi Media, Notable Awards, to name a few) . Becoming 1 of the most sought-after female DJs in the country, she has been professionally DJing for well over 12+ years, but has been DJing literally all of her life. Fizza has had much success throughout her DJing career, winning many awards (Anokhi Most Promising DJ, Notable’s BEST DJ award, flying all over North America to DJ events, to some of the most elite events in the city of Toronto and Canada-wide. 


Fizza has her Bachelor of Education, and is currently working to complete her Master in Education. She has been a school teacher for over 10 years in Toronto, teaching all over the GTA from Scarborough to the downtown Parkdale area. Her knowledge, experience and patience in the teaching and DJing profession is unique, which has given her the skills to teach and create a comprehensive DJ course for her students.

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